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GatorlandK9's Primary Concern is YOUR FAMILIES Welfare

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GATORLANDK9'S  practical system of protection training founded by Ted Hoppe is American Street Ring. The training of Protection dogs is something that to be successful at requires a deep knowledge and experience. Our Family has over 40 years combined experience in protection dog training and we care about your family. Ted, Dawn & RJ Hoppe are knowledgable and professional when answering your concerns and helping to custom select the right dog for your needs. We want you to understand why our protection dog training is the best. 

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What is real practical protection training about? and what does it involve?  Schutzhund and similar sports are training patterns. This means that there is a sequence that the dog learns & the dog becomes programmed for the sequence. In real world protection, there are no sequences that the dog must follow and you must create realistic training scenarios such as anti-carjacking exercises and handler protection. 

AMERICAN STREET RING is the foundation for real practical protection of your Home & Family. The exercises in ASR combine all of these elements to make a well balanced Protection Dog that can live safely with a family and still offer the security of knowing that the dog will react if needed to a threat.    

American Street Ring creates a dog that will protect the handler in the real world.  Being trained to handle a dog in American Street Ring creates a dog and handler team, that will make the dog better prepared to protect his owner, vehicle or the family home. This is a GatorlandK9 Elite Family Protection Dog!

Personal Protection Dog training and handling, from our Basic Protection Dogs through our Elite Family Protection Dogs require the help of  professional trainers. You have come to the right place here at GatorlandK9 , with Ted, Dawn & RJ Hoppe working together to help you select, custom train and teach you to handle your new Family Protection Dog. We understand that this is not just any dog but a new member of your Family.  Contact Ted Hoppe below for more information and videos of our protection dog training. 


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Q&A with  Dawn Hoppe for  purchasing a Protection Dog

Dawn Hoppe would like to address some of the more common questions and concerns they receive. We will also be adding Blog posts & new videos, explaining our specialized training methods & best of all showing our specialized training methods. 


What qualities should I look for in a dog that I am considering for Family Protection?

The most important is that the dog be stable, with solid nerves. A good example of optimal temperament is to look at the qualities of an exceptional Police K-9 dog. This dog is highly trained to apprehend criminals but at the same time, must go home after work and live with the family. Police K-9’s often go into schools for demonstrations and have to be petted by many excited children. You may not need a Police dog but you want the same qualities that make a good Police dog. The dog should be intelligent, loyal and confident. The dog should be loving with it’s family and social in social situations but know when to defend if needed. 

 What qualities should a Family Protection Dog trainer possess?

Protection is a specialty and not all trainers are qualified to train a dog in protection. There are many good obedience trainers in this country but not much is known about protection. It is important to know the qualifications of the person offering a trained protection dog.

  • An accomplished personal protection trainer should have a minimum of 10 years experience, including experience in Military K-9 or Police K-9 training. They should be able to train a dog to the advanced level of obedience required for a protection dog and they should be able to demonstrate this training with the dog. They should have many references, including references from families if you are considering a family protection dog and you have small children.
  • Ted Hoppe is a Nationally recognized trainer and founder of American Street Ring. He has 30 years experience. When considering a protection dog, he will take the time to listen to you and your needs and what it is that you want. And not just sell you what we have. It is important that you are matched with the right dog for you and your situation.

What services should I expect with the contract, and follow-up service after I have purchased the dog?

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Trainer RJ Hoppe

Our contracts are normally customized to meet the needs of each client. Most come standard with a satisfaction/replacement agreement in the event the dog does not work out. You get handler training with the dog and a detailed instructional DVD. Ideally, you should come and meet the dog and spend some time learning the commands and how the dog was trained. If the dog is sent to you, the minimum to consider is an instructional DVD that clearly shows all of the commands and how to reinforce them. Having the dog delivered to your home would be important and especially helpful if you were experiencing problems with criminals. Ted Hoppe has extensive experience working with families. Training is just as much working with the human as it is working with dogs. Being able to work with people is often different than working with dogs. You will feel comfortable with Ted & Dawn. You will trust the training advice they offer. This trust will form a relationship that should last for the lifetime of the dog. At Gatorland K-9, exceeding your expectations should include not only the dog, but the service that you receive when buying the dog that you choose as your Family Protection Dog.

Use the I would like a Family Protection Dog form to request more information on our Protection Dogs or call Dawn at 386-956-1810.

Congratulations to RJ Hoppe & Tebow for their Private Certification in American Street Ring. Tebow is now an ASR Level 1 Dog. 


Hi GatorlandK9:

We just wanted to give you an update on all of us. Marco is working out beautifully. He has given us peace of mind and comfort as well as the ability to live in our own home. We haven't had any "break-ins" for 3 months now, so we are assuming that Marco is a deterrent factor. He is such a good dog and has become our 4th baby! The kids adore him, and he is so gentle and patient with them. He is Cooper's outside buddy, Taylor's running buddy and Teagan's watch-dog. He truly pays special attention to her and they love each other!

We hope all is well with you and your family. We are counting on a Wyoming visit from you sometime in the future! Thanks for all you've done for us.

Jodie and the rest of the Cody Thompsons

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Above:  Belgian Malinois, Libby during protection training with decoy Rob and trainer Ted Hoppe.

            Below:  Same Belgian Malinois K-9 at home in relaxation mode with her toddler charge, Savannah.


Dear Dawn:

We have never seen a finer dog than Libby. She epitomizes everything a protection dog should be: alert, obedient, intelligent, quick, courageous, balanced, responsive, and even-tempered. Introducing her into the home (that included a four-year-old toddler, a 71-year-old man, and an 11-year-old German Shepherd) was effortless and she fit in as if she were always there. We were worried that she would only look to Ted as a handler but she transitioned to us easily and smoothly as her owners, taking commands from us without any hesitation.We couldn't wish for a better dog, even if we were to dream another one up in our own heads. We feel safe knowing that Libby is "on alert" 24 hours a day, and wish everyone could know this feeling...and then realizing that everyone can, just as we did. Ted and Dawn, you have earned life-time customers!

N. Callaway, Zachary, LA

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 Every puppy at Gatorland K9 International receives their vaccinations as well as daily supplements to provide the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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GatorlandK9 Trainer RJ Hoppe
Because we have over 25 years of experience in the Protection Dog World we know good dogs when we see them. The German Shepherd puppies and adults that we place in homes offer only the best from traits and characteristics from old world European bloodlines.
When it comes to your Family's Protection, Remember...A Gun Cannot Wake You Up & An Alarm System Cannot Defend You!!

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