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This is Arro doing what a good protection dog should do when a stranger knocks at the door.  This is a serious Protection Dog.

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   Beckham (BLEK) is a drop dead gorgeous import. Truly a connoisseur quality dog, for those who want the absolute best. He is a great family/service dog prospect, excellent with children. Blek is offered with delivery by a top trainer with two years of follow up training. This dog is exceptional. He has some of Germany’s top genetics and is breeding licenced with advanced training obedience. Call or Text         Ted Hoppe at (386) 337-0730 or Email Ted@GatorlandK9.com

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30+ Years Experience 

Ted has been importing dogs from Europe for a very long time and has established great working relations with European breeders!

Excellent Reputation

Our Reputation speaks for itself! Just ask our testimonals. We’ve always strived to provide expetion dogs!


Exceptional Quality

All of our dogs exceptional healthy and well bred dogs! Their temporments are ideal for families, police work, or service dog.

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Ted Hoppe

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Our Custom Import Selection Service is one of a kind in this profession.  We go over to Europe and deal direct to bring you not only the custom Imported selected protection or companion dog of your dreams but the best possible price because we skip the middleman.  The selection process for your German Shepherd dog begins with our very first conversation. We want to get to know you in order to evaluate exactly what your needs and wants are. Once our search for your German Shepherd dog begins, we look at as many dogs as possible before making a selection on your behalf.

About Me

  • US Air Force- 1978 Military Working Dog Handler- Graduated MWD program, Lackland AFB Texas.
  • Supplier to West Palm Beach P.D. since 1989. Have provided dogs to many Police Departments since that time: Hillsbourough County, Tampa, Riviera Beach, Lowndes County, GA, Department of Defense
  • Have Imported German Shepherd Dogs, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republics since 1985. I go to Europe at least twice a year and hand pick dogs for clients & Police Departments.
  • Ted  owned an In Home Dog Training company for 5 years, Perfect Pet Companions, where he solved obedience & behavior problems as well as In Home Protection Dog Training.
  • Owned a commercial boarding & training kennel, Gatorland K-9 and K-9 Bodyguards, one of South Florida’s largest Training Centers
  • Owner of Demanet USA Importer-of the Demanet Bite Suit.
  • Founder and Creator of American Street Ring-A practical system of protection dog training.
  • Through the years Ted has trained hundreds of dogs and handlers for obedience and personal/family protection.
  • Has personally trained and titled dogs in American Street Ring and Schutzhund and studied all of the major protection dog sports of Europe.
  • Ted Hoppe is best known both Nationally & Internationally for creating American Street Ring, a unique system/ hybrid of Military, Police K-9, KNPV, Belgian and French Ring and practical protection training. It is a true, original American system recognized as the most practical system ever conceived.

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Give Ted a call at 386-337-0730 or Email him are Ted@gatorlandk9.com and tell us exactly what your looking for in your next German Shepherd or Malinois.



We will then match you

Once you are on board with us, we will select multiple dogs to best suit your needs. When have chosen the dog that best suits you, then we will import it to you.


We can come to you

Once you have chosen a dog, we can ship it to your local international airport with a dog trainer to meet you and assist you with completing your dog’s acclimation to you and your household.







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