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Check out German Shepherd Training!

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Why send your dog to GatorlandK9 for training?

When contemplating sending your dog away for training, there are some very important things to consider.   There are many non-reputable companies offering “boot camp” and methods of training that border on animal cruelty. 

GatorlandK9 helps make your dog’s transition and your transition as an owner seamless.  When your dog comes to GatorlandK9 he/she is a part of our family while training.  We offer references, testimonials through Facebook, our website and you can see our training techniques first hand on our exclusive you tube channel.

We establish effective training taking into consideration the goals of the owner.  Too often people send their dogs to training facilities and the dogs are signed up for a crash course aka Boot Camp. At GatorlandK9, our dogs wag their tails, are happy when they work and are consistently reliable in their performance.  A good trainer can balance negative & positive reinforcement, while keeping negative to the absolute minimal.

GatorlandK9 is a small family owned business that Imports top quality German Shepherds as well as offering professional training.  Unlike big kennels we give individual attention to each dog during training and during their rest and play time.

Ted Hoppe has been training for over 26 years.  His son RJ Hoppe is a trainer and the kennel master.

Ted and RJ will make sure your dog acclimates to its new environment prior to training which minimizes any unnecessary stress to your dog.  This initial bonding period of 4-7 days is critical; it helps establish trust between the trainer holding the leash and the dog.

At the end of the average 2-month training period, we will do what we call intermediate/advanced level work.  All dogs are different. Like people. Some are very quick learners and some take longer, some like to work and some don’t.  We establish positive reinforcement training techniques for the dog and owner, for example; some dogs require a pat on the head with praise.  Other dogs are motivated to play with a ball and there are those dogs that are motivated with a food or a treat reward.   It is a trainer’s responsibility to ascertain what motivates the individual dog.

GatorlandK9 training starts out as a fun endeavor without fear instilled in the animal.  During the training process, some negative must be rein however it is kept to a minimum level to inspire consistency. Dog training is not magic, it is an acquired skill that you as the dog owner must master in order to maintain the training with your dog at GatorlandK9.  We spend time with our owners establishing post-training protocol.   We help you familiarize yourself with the training techniques so that you can reinforce all that your dog learned with our trainers.  That is the purpose of the handler training course that you receive when you come to pick up your dog. 

We keep in close contact with the owners even posting video progress at the halfway mark of the training period so that you can see how far your dog has come.

Remember that there are no shortcuts to good training.

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